Do not use Sunrooms and Additions. I recently had a sunroom constructed by this business and now have to redo the roof, the dry wall which is rippled, the sealant under the floor, the crooked door and windows.I paid $46000 for this room thus far and it took over a year and a half for the constuction which is still not complete.

Last year the work started in May and after over $33,000 the only thing that had been installed was the footings by the end of the year. Now, it is going to cost me thousands to redo the damage that was done by Heartland Sunrooms and additions. We were lied to on a continuous basis.

Instead of supervising this project, the owner took off for Mexico and hired people that were not competent and upon his return fired them, but never rectified the damage that they incurred. Do not, under any circumstances, use this company.

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Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #596798

I am honest and truthful. This by a man that says I don't know my own house because I have a small tool shed he calls a garage in the back.

I could hardly drive my car through a wall.

I also have copies of all my transactions with your company, so I believe I keep a very good check book. :(


You should first tell the truth. The fact that you are just another deadbeat home owner that over extended yourself and couldn't pay your contractor what you owed him.

Had you paid him,he would have fixed any issues that you may have had. That is clearly stated in the warranty paperwork. But since you didn't pay, you didn't get a warranty.

If you are in fact telling the truth, produce a final payment cancelled check or a warranty or payment document that ALL contractors give after payment is made.Hand that paperwork to an atturney and let him do the right thing. Do this instead of writing false information on the web just for the sake of trying to make a contractor look bad all because you can't balance a checkbook.

to Anyone Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #596794

I have pictures to prove the poor workmanship by this company which has been turned over to my attorney. Visual pictures do not lie.

There is no warranty paper work. They even wanted full payment before the project was completed trying to intimidate me into payment by threatening not to install the heater/air equipment. This contractor sends a couple of young men who have never put on a roof in their life and then *** for a vacation in Mexico.

Do not use this company! :(

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